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Here you will find the most important of my articles translated into the English language.
More articles can be found in the German language Alinbu Magazin.

Costs and Benefits of a Transformation

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Costs and Benefits of a Transformation

About efforts, follow-up costs, effects, risks and profitability of agile transformations and of enterprise transformations with OpenSpace Beta.

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In theory and practice

There are countless sayings that question the practical usefulness of theory. However, theory and practice cannot be easily separated.


Interpersonal Leadership

Interpersonal leadership as a contemporary leadership approach offers an alternative to the concept of the executive role and thus enables real self-organisation.


10 success criteria for transformation

There is no question that we have to transform our today's companies. The following 10 criteria have emerged that constitute a successful transformation.


The agile movement has failed

The attempt to establish an agile way of working in companies inevitably fails, and the whole agile movement is in a deadlock.



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