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TYPO3 CMS Certified Consultant
Online preparation for the TCCC certification

The TCCC (TYPO3 CMS Certified Consultant) complements the TYPO3 certification program for editors, integrators and developers. Exam-relevant topics are TYPO3 technology and terminology, project management, deployment workflows, basic knowledge of server and network infrastructure, consulting and moderation techniques, security, maintenance and licensing knowledge, requirements engineering and stakeholder management.

In the online course you will receive in-depth knowledge of the exam-relevant topics. We will work together with you on the exam material using test questions and you will receive tips for further preparation and for your exam. The e-book for exam preparation is also included in the price.

The format

  • on four consecutive days
  • two hours each
  • via zoom video conference
  • maximum 8 participants
  • including e-book for further preparation

Your workshop host

Peter Proell led the Education Committee of the TYPO3 Association for three years in a pro bono position. He is still an active member and is in charge of the TCCC certification.