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We enjoy the benefits of a market economy, and I believe that every entrepreneur is fully convinced of market principles. Rightly so, in my opinion. Of course, it has its challenges, but honestly, it works better than planned economies, doesn't it? Just think of socialist economies. The economy in such systems is far from entrepreneurial, and economic success looks quite different.

But why do most companies still adhere to socialist principles with centralized decision-making structures, central planning, and resource management? It gets even crazier. For over 100 years, research and companies that follow what should intuitively be clear to us have shown: When the market economy doesn't stop at the company's doorstep but continues to thrive within the organization, businesses are much more successful:

This is where high performance and joy at work are born for everyone.

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Peter Proell

Costs and Benefits of a Transformation

About efforts, follow-up costs, effects, risks and profitability of agile transformations and of enterprise transformations with OpenSpace Beta.


In theory and practice

There are countless sayings that question the practical usefulness of theory. However, theory and practice cannot be easily separated.


Interpersonal Leadership

Interpersonal leadership as a contemporary leadership approach offers an alternative to the concept of the executive role and thus enables real self-organisation.


10 success criteria for transformation

There is no question that we have to transform our today's companies. The following 10 criteria have emerged that constitute a successful transformation.


The agile movement has failed

The attempt to establish an agile way of working in companies inevitably fails, and the whole agile movement is in a deadlock.


The Myth of the Agile Mindset

Why the Mindset is Neither Relevant Nor Helpful for Truly Agile Work, and How Attitude, Behavior, and Mindset Depend on Each Other.




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"OpenSpace Beta Transformation. Everything is shaking, really everything! Often hard to bear when you suddenly talk about everything that is annoying, seething, wrong, or right(?). People replace colleagues, the heart takes responsibility. All right, everything else is just running out the clock."

"I've never felt so good in my CEO role."

"Meeting Peter Proell is substantial and intense. His focus on the essentials and his tenacity when it comes to 'thinking things through together', coupled with a disarming charm, make Peter the perfect host for eye-opening discourse."

"The workshop with Peter was the best I have participated in."

"With Peter Proell, we have achieved our goal much faster than expected — a collaboration that was not only fun but also motivated us for the next steps."

"The participants are thrilled. They did not expect that so much meaningful content could be conveyed in such a short time."