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What can I help you with?

Business Management

  • Your company is growing, but profits are not growing with it?
  • Your company is doing fine, but needs your presence?
  • Your company is up and running, but what about your successor?

Organizational Development

  • You want to transform?
  • Are you stuck in agile transformation?
  • There is not enough independent thinking?
  • The teams find themselves in the extremes of lack of capacity or overload?


  • The projects are less and less controllable and manageable?
  • You are already working agile, but things have not improved?
  • The time-to-market and the velocity is simply not high enough?
  • In the end, the customer "suddenly" comes up with 1000 more things?

Public tender of agile projects

  • It is not possible to plan the exact scope of services in advance?
  • How do you design evaluation criteria to get a really suitable, good and reliable service provider?
  • How do you retain influence and control over the project until it is successfully completed?

Three good reasons to choose me

Skills & Context

Beyond technical expertise, I also offer the necessary contextual knowledge: I complement agile working with solid organizational knowledge. Organizational development with market understanding. And practice with scientific theoretical knowledge. Thus, I am your partner in sparring and as an advisor, helping you to get ahead.


I come to go ...

... and - in the interest of both parties - as quickly as possible: We limit my mandate right at the beginning. This timebox creates focus, seriousness and consistency. After all, it is in your interest to quickly come up with and implement the best possible solutions, which then work independently of consultants!


Dedicated to raise engagement

By invitation, by the voluntariness and thus by the intrinsic drive the maximum engagement arises with all your colleagues. Talk to me about this important point. No more running out the clock. No more fighting against resistance. Rather the best solutions and the fastest changes. Together.




IT, Consulting, Education, Multimedia, Energy, Retail, Banking, Engineering, NGOs & GOVs
in Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, India, USA

"OpenSpace Beta Transformation. Everything is shaking, really everything! Often hard to bear when you suddenly talk about everything that is annoying, seething, wrong, or right(?). People replace colleagues, the heart takes responsibility. All right, everything else is just running out the clock."

"I've never felt so good in my CEO role."

"The participants are thrilled. They did not expect that so much meaningful content could be conveyed in such a short time."

"The workshop with Peter was the best I have participated in."

"With Peter Proell, we have achieved our goal much faster than expected — a collaboration that was not only fun but also motivated us for the next steps."



I'm gladly looking forward to getting into touch!

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Alinbu Consulting | Peter Proell, Haselnussweg 26, 53937 Schleiden, Germany


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