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No Tools. No Frameworks. No Nonsense. Just Insights!

Organisational Development
with BetaCodex inside

If it's about agility, business agility, BetaCodex, if it's about contemporary organizational design, then it's about your curiosity. About thinking, and acting for yourself!

I am your advisor, your companion, your sparring partner, and offer you the necessary, helpful, and professional insights!

These are my main areas of activity:

  • Business Agility & decentralised companies
  • BetaCodex transformations & OpenSpace Beta
  • Agile transformations
  • Building agile teams (Scrum, Kanban)
  • Supervision & coaching of agile teams, agile fire-fighting & problem-solving
  • Self-organized learing in organizations

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Customer Testimonials

"OpenSpace Beta Transformation. Everything is shaking, really everything! Often hard to bear when you suddenly talk about everything that is annoying, seething, wrong, or right(?). People replace colleagues, the heart takes responsibility. All right, everything else is just running out the clock."

Joachim Nielsen
CEO F7 Media, Hamburg

"The participants are thrilled. They did not expect that so much meaningful content could be conveyed in such a short time."

Dr. Daniel Chernuchin
TEDi GmbH & Co. KG

"The workshop with Peter was the best I have participated in."

Dr. Karl Molter
Head of the Computer Center
Trier University of Applied Sciences

“With Peter Proell, we have achieved our goal much faster than expected — a collaboration that was not only fun but also motivated us for the next steps.”

Carmen Voigt
Head of University Communication
University of Erfurt